Louisiana Shrimp Association's (LSA) President Acy Cooper, would like to thank LSA's Vice President Ronnie Anderson, for coordinating and donating shrimp to feed the needy. Ronnie Anderson wanted to do this on behalf of Louisiana Shrimp Association and its members. This donation went to United Way & Second Harvest Agency to help feed the needy in this time of crisis. He would also like to thank LSA member David Chauvin, owner of David Chauvin's Seafood, for his donation of shrimp to this cause. LSA would like to thank all that were involved in this today. 2800 pounds of wild caught shrimp were donated. Our mission today was to feed the hungry. LSA would also like to thank and assist, if needed, the USDA in its efforts for state and federal agencies to purchase American Wild Caught Seafood. This would be a direct jump start to all local economies along the Southern and Eastern coasts and the whole United States.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has approved Gov. John Bel Edwards' request and declared a federal fishery disaster, which is an important step in Louisiana's effort to qualify for millions in federal assistance for the state's fishing industry after it was greatly damaged by historic flooding this year.
For fiscal year 2019, Congress appropriated $165 million through NOAA for declared fishery disasters. The Department of Commerce is determining the appropriate allocations of these funds to eligible fisheries. Washington Senators and Congressmen are trying their best to get Commerce to expedite these funds to our state.
There have been many fishery disasters in the United States this past year. We, as commercial fishermen must stand unified in our efforts to be fully represented at the table so that Louisiana fishermen will get their full and fair share for losses.
Louisiana Shrimp Association(LSA) along with the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force have been working constantly with our delegation in Washington to get money into the hands of our fishermen that have suffered from these historical flooding events and not to just anyone that wants a handout. Once NOAA determines how much funding will be provided to Louisiana, LDWF will work with the industry to develop a recovery plan. The process is expected to take several months.
Join LSA so that we can represent you in this recovery plan when these funds are released to our state.
2020 Membership Application

LSA's Annual Meeting will be held March 14, 2020 @ Jean Lafitte Multi Purpose Center, 4917 City Park Dr; Lafitte, Louisiana 70067. Food will be served at 11:30 am and meeting will begin at 1pm. There will be door prizes, 50/50 tickets for a chance to win half of the money on that raffle. There will also be LSA tshirts for sale and LSA Flags. Come out and have a good time. You may pay your dues at the door if you aren't caught up on them. New members are welcome and may join and pay dues at the door. You may also mail in your dues to: Louisiana Shrimp Association P.O. Box 1088 Grand Isle, LA 70358

2020 Louisiana Fisheries Forward Summit
Join us at the Louisiana Fisheries Forward Summit on March 11, 2020 at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.
Catch up on what’s new in the industry with hands-on demonstrations and an open trade show that will help all participants connect with the changing world of seafood. Produced by Louisiana Sea Grant, LSU AgCenter and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries – with their industry partners – it is part of the Louisiana Fisheries Forward (LFF) education initiative. LFF Summit 2020 flyer

This free event will include lunch (with advance registration).

Click here to register as a participant (fisherman or processor) or vendor.

Workshops will run throughout the day, in conjunction with a trade show that features hands-on demonstrations on safety, innovative handling and processing equipment, gear and techniques.
*‘Future of the Fleet’: who will be our fishermen?
*Impacts of fresh water: 2019 flooding
*Operational plans for mid-Barataria diversion project
*FDA testing of seafood imports
*LA oysters: the way forward
*Black drum/sheepshead fishery analysis
These topics and more for all seafood sectors!

Final Rule to Require TEDs on Skimmer Trawl, Pusher-Head Trawl, and Wing Net Vessels Officer measuring TED on fishing boat.
NOAA has issued a final rule to amend the alternative tow time restriction to require all skimmer trawl vessels 40 feet and greater in length to use TEDs designed to exclude small sea turtles in their nets. They state that the purpose of this rule is to reduce incidental bycatch and mortality of sea turtles in the southeastern U.S. shrimp fisheries, and to aid in the protection and recovery of listed sea turtle populations. NOAA is also amending the definition of tow time to better clarify the intent and purpose of tow times to reduce sea turtle mortality, and they are refining additional portions of the TED requirements to avoid potential confusion.
Final rule
Fishery Bulletin and Frequently Asked Questions
For more info please visit: NOAA-TEDS
Quy t?c cu?i cùng d? yêu c?u TEDs trên Skimmer trawl, pusher-Head trawl, và si quan các tàu cánh net do TED trên tàu cá.
NOAA dã ban hành m?t quy t?c cu?i cùng d? s?a d?i h?n ch? th?i gian kéo thay th? d? yêu c?u t?t c? các tàu trawl Skimmer 40 chân và l?n hon chi?u dài d? s? d?ng TEDs du?c thi?t k? d? lo?i tr? rùa bi?n nh? trong lu?i c?a h?. H? nói r?ng m?c dích c?a quy t?c này là d? gi?m thi?u ng?u nhiên và t? vong c?a rùa bi?n ? Ðông Nam M? th?y s?n tôm, và d? h? tr? trong vi?c b?o v? và ph?c h?i các qu?n th? rùa bi?n li?t kê. NOAA cung là s?a d?i d?nh nghia c?a th?i gian kéo d? t?t hon làm rõ ý d?nh và m?c dích kéo l?n d? gi?m t? l? t? vong rùa bi?n, và h? dang tinh ch?nh các ph?n b? sung c?a các yêu c?u c?a TED d? tránh s? nh?m l?n ti?m nang.
Quy t?c cu?i cùng
B?n tin th?y s?n và các câu h?i thu?ng g?p
Ð? bi?t thêm thông tin vui lòng truy c?p: NOAA-TEDS

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  • "The primary mission of the Louisiana Seafood Certification Program is to build a unified brand to attract consumers as well as foodservice and seafood distribution buyers who want to be sure they’re sourcing the best-tasting seafood in the world—Louisiana Seafood." The basic requirements along with instruction on how to apply to become a Louisiana Seafood Certified Program participant can be found here- Louisiana Certification Program

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  • Earn a reward when you catch a tagged crab! Nicholls University is tagging and releasing 31,000 crabs to track their movements and better understand this valuable species. Read More

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