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Our organizations are built on a foundation of compassion, integrity, and accountability. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect. We are committed to using our resources in the most effective and efficient way possible. We provide assistance, development and representation to Louisiana's commercial seafood harvesters and coastal families. Louisiana seafood is very important to our state's economy. Our hardship today is competing with foreign shrimp that dominate our American seafood market. We ask that you help us save an industry and communities that are well worth saving.
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?ánh d?u l?ch c?a b?n và tham gia vào m?t trong nh?ng ngày thú v? nh?t trong n?m! T?t c? các kho?n ?óng góp s? ???c thu th?p thông qua Liên minh Tôm Louisiana, nhà tài tr? tài chính cho LSA! Kho?n ?óng góp c?a b?n s? ???c kh?u tr? thu? 100%! Các t? ch?c c?a chúng tôi ???c xây d?ng trên n?n t?ng c?a lòng tr?c ?n, tính toàn v?n và trách nhi?m gi?i trình. Chúng tôi tin t??ng vào vi?c ??i x? v?i m?i ng??i b?ng ph?m giá và s? tôn tr?ng. Chúng tôi cam k?t s? d?ng tài nguyên c?a mình m?t cách hi?u qu? và hi?u qu? nh?t có th?. Chúng tôi cung c?p h? tr?, phát tri?n và ??i di?n cho nh?ng ng??i thu ho?ch h?i s?n th??ng m?i c?a Louisiana và các gia ?ình ven bi?n. H?i s?n Louisiana r?t quan tr?ng ??i v?i n?n kinh t? c?a ti?u bang chúng tôi. Khó kh?n c?a chúng tôi hi?n nay là c?nh tranh v?i tôm n??c ngoài ?ang th?ng tr? th? tr??ng th?y s?n M?. Chúng tôi yêu c?u b?n giúp chúng tôi c?u m?t ngành công nghi?p và c?ng ??ng r?t ?áng ?? ti?t ki?m. Hãy giúp chúng tôi truy?n bá thông tin v? s? tham gia c?a chúng tôi vào #GiveNOLADay! M?i b?n bè c?a b?n vào trang c?a chúng tôi. Không th? ??i ??n ngày 7 tháng 5? B?n có th? làm món quà c?a b?n ngay bây gi?! NGÀY TRAO T?NG S?M B?T ??U VÀO TH? BA NGÀY 23 THÁNG 4 N?M 2024.

Louisiana House and Senate Bills and Resolutions 2024
Click here to view the list-Legislation 2024

Federal Legislation 2024
Save Our Shrimpers Act:
To prohibit Federal funds from being made available to international financial institutions for the purposes of financing foreign shrimp farms, and for other purposes.
Save Our Shrimpers Act Letter of Support:

Fisheries Act: (Would speed up disaster funds)
To require the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to approve or deny spend plans within a certain amount of time, and for other purposes.
Fisheries Act Letter of Support:

LDWF Commercial Fishing License and Trip Ticket Staff Announce Locations and Dates
Beginning next month, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will offer new or renewal commercial fishing licenses and boat registration transactions at field offices. Additionally, trip ticket staff will be present to train new or existing seafood dealers on the process of filling out trip tickets, to answer questions regarding trip tickets, and to take trip ticket orders (trip tickets will not be distributed on site). LDWF offers this service as a convenience to our commercial fishermen who need a commercial licenses and in-person assistance without having to drive to Baton Rouge. INFO AND LOCATIONS ON THE LINK BELOW:

Trade Investigation Infomation-
A questionnaire will be required for members to fill out and send back to commerce. This is a procedure in the anti dumping investigation. This draft will let you know exactly what documents and figures you will need when the official questionnaire is issued. Information on this will be sent out to you soon.
Click here to view the draft application.


Click here to vist the webpage!

Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Sheahan Secures $42 million in the 2023 Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations

Louisiana 2019 flood disaster Grant Update
Please be advised that LDWF has begun reviewing applications for the Equipment Modernization Grant Program. Applicants can view status updates throughout the application process via the online portal under the “My Applications” or “My Tasks” panels on the home dashboard. Applicants can also view the status of their application by clicking on the “Searches” tab on the top of the homepage if using a desktop or the “Magnifying Glass” icon if using a mobile device and then clicking “Search”.
Applications are being reviewed by the Program in the order in which they were submitted.
If the Program requires any additional information or documentation in order to process your application, the Program will reach out to you by phone at the contact phone number provided in your application and through Message in the LDWF Grant Portal.
Thank you for your continued patience during the application review process.
If you have any questions concerning your application, please contact LDWF at 1-855-262-1764. Sincerely,
Office of Fisheries

Fall Inshore Shrimp Season to Close in a Portion of State Waters

The Agriculture Fisheries and Land Management Council
"Louisiana seafood is facing a crisis thanks to imported seafood improperly labeled from foreign countries. It’s not only an attack on our agricultural commodities, it is an attack on a culture and heritage. The state’s commercial fishermen need to know that help is on the way as imported seafood has caused untold damage in Louisiana. State labeling laws protect both business owners and consumers."
The Governor has Louisiana's shrimp industry as one of his top priorities.

Louisiana Shrimp Association v. Biden
Turtle Excluder Device

OPINION | Preserving our heritage and livelihood – A shrimper’s stand against unjust regulations
By Acy Cooper | Louisiana Shrimp Association
Jan 25, 2024

Louisiana Governor's disaster request, due to the influx of imports causing injury to the shrimp industry, has been denied.
Read letter here-
Letter to Governor

LSA President met with the Louisiana Governor on the state our industry is in. The Governor pledged his help for our shrimp industry.
Follow up letters may be viewd on the links below.
Governors Letter to LSA President
Governors Letter to the President Biden
LSA submitts a letter to Louisiana Governor JB Edwards asking him to delcare a state of emergency for the Louisiana Shrimp Industry.
Click here to read letter.

Louisiana Shrimp Association petitions US Departmenf of Commerce and other U.S. federal agencies, to intiate an investigation into the influx of imported shrimp being allowed to enter the U.S.A.
Click here to read more here

Louisiana Shrimp Association Press Release July 7, 2023
The U.S. Department of Commerce issued the National Export Strategy 2023 in June.
Louisiana Shrimp Association supports the U.S. Department of Commerce's decision to balance international trade which is hampering America's seafood industry.
Louisiana Shrimp Association and its members stand strongly united to protect the future of our industry.
A joint organization letter may be viewed on the link below.
LSA also submitted a letter from its organization with suggestions to include in the Draft National Seafood Strategy of NOAA fisheries. This letter may be viewed on the link below.
LSA's Letter Seafood Strategy 2023
Chapter 9 of the published stategy document is the information on the Seafood Industry in the document.
Click here to view the U.S. National Export Strategy 2023 here
Chapter 9-"Fishing Industry" may be viewed here:National Export Strategy 2023
Lawmakers taking action to protect state's seafood industry
Read Here
Louisiana shrimpers are in trouble.
Read Here
FDA is responsible for the safety of all fish and fishery products entering the United States. The agency uses every available tool to identify immediate or potential threats as well as the best course of action to protect public health and safety. As part of the FDA’s import safety effort, the agency provides as much available information and guidance as possible to consumers, industry, and government about seafood safety.
Imported Seafood Safety Program
Study blasts loopholes in NOAA's seafood inspection program."Roughly 60 percent of all seafood coming into the United States is not covered by a federal inspection program operated by NOAA" Read Here
NOTE: This has to be renewed each year
Under the authority of 56:303E,(1), this form may be used to qualify a Louisiana licensed commercial fisherman as "certified". An IRS registered tax preparer possessing a PIN must complete the form certifying that based upon his most recent federal income tax return that the fisherman earns at least fifty percent of his income from commercial fishing activities, and have it notorized, then mailed in to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
Click here to down load the form

Commercial fisherman may apply for a certificate of exemption from Louisiana state sales and use taxes under Louisiana Revised Statute 47:305.20.
Click here to download the form

Become Louisiana Certified

  • "The primary mission of the Louisiana Seafood Certification Program is to build a unified brand to attract consumers as well as foodservice and seafood distribution buyers who want to be sure they’re sourcing the best-tasting seafood in the world—Louisiana Seafood." The basic requirements along with instruction on how to apply to become a Louisiana Seafood Certified Program participant can be found here- Louisiana Certification Program

    Our Goal

    • is to incorporate the participation of everyone involved in the Shrimp Industry, and to preserve the culture and heritage of the traditional Louisiana Shrimper.


  • Contact your Representatives in Washington DC!
    Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member's website and contact page. Click here to find out.

  • Commercial Fishermen Louisiana Sales Tax Exemption Form

  • Buy domestic USA wild caught shrimp,
    buy Louisiana Certified!

    Educate and inform your neighbors!
    Friends don't let friends eat imported shrimp!

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