Antidumping Petition Update
ADD/CVC Petition filed October 25, 2023
An Antidumping duty ("ADD") petition was filed on October 25, 2023 by the American Shrimp Processors Association ("petitioners") on imports of frozen warmwater shrimp from Ecuador and Indonesia, and a countervailing duty ("CVC") petition against frozen warmater shrimp from Ecuador, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The petition alleges that imports from Ecuador and Indonesia are being sold in the US at less than fair value, which is dumping. The CVD petition alleges that the governments of Ecuador, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam are giving countervailable subsidies to the production and export of frozen warmwater shrimp. It is alleged that the domestic industry has been materially injured and is threatened with further material injury because of the subject imports.
On Wednesday, November 15, 2023 the US International Trade Commission (ITC) held a priliminary confrence to hear testimony from witnesses and interested parties. We send our thanks to Ronnie "Chevo" Anderson-Louisiana Shrimp Association USSC and Rocky Moorehead-SC Shrimpers Association USSC, for testifying before the US International Trade Commission on behalf of the American shrimp harvesters. Great job, we appreciate you guys! US Shrimpers Coalition "USSC" are included in this new investigation as interested parties. USSC was formed by: Louisiana- LSA, Georgia-GCFA, Mississippi-GCSS, Texas-TSA, South Carolina-SCSA and North Carolina-NCFA The ITC's priliminary vote is December 8, 2023 at 11am. The Department of Commerce (DOC) nas announced it will initiate all of the investigations, which means that the cases will move forward at Commerce.
The US Shrimpers Coalition has hired the law firm The Bristol Group, PLLC, out of Washington DC to represent the shrimp harvesters in this andtidumping investigation. Six coastal states associations have united and will move foward together. Our mission is to save the American Shrimp Industry. This firm on behalf of USSC has filed an entry of appearance with the ITC which confirms the Coalition is an "interested party" in the new cases. The Petition, attachments and other public documents are listed below to view.
US Shrimpers Coalition ITC EOA.pdf
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ADD/CVC Petition 2023
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